OXY4-325-ZB - Oxy 4 Helicopter Kit

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OXY3-325-ZB, kit only (uden elektronik). 325mm blade. Kan nemt stretches til 360mm.
Producent: Oxy Heli
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Oxy4 er Lynx's seneste skud på stammen. En naturlig storebror til Oxy3 og Oxy2, som passer perfekt ind i 450'er klassen.


Se forslag til setups i feature listen herunder:

Main Features:

Oxy 4 Standard Specification:

-       Oval Boom without support.

-       Tail belt drive, with One Way Tail Driven for the best Over Speed and Autos.

-       Optimized Head and Tail geometry.

-       Separate Landing Skids - easy service.

-       Ultra-Rigid Main Frame Carbon / Aluminum – Black Matte Finish with a Triple Bearing Block.

-       DFC Head System with optional FBL System (sold separate).

-       Optimized Tail efficiency per Oxy Standards.

But the Oxy 4 Introduce New Oxy Features and Specialty Design:

-       New Canopy “Muscle” profile, modern, skinny, aggressive and sexy, with an incredible fly visibility, large Battery Protection and special shape to reduce pitch drag effect.

-       New Tail Design, with oversized Tail Pulley to assure precise tail transmission and wear resistance belt optimization.

-       Innovative Tail Blade surface finish, carbon look that optimize airfoil, less noise and more efficiency.

-       Innovative Main Shaft Jesus Bolt for easy and quick assembly and repair operation.

About Technical and Standard, Here Some Point:

-       325 to 360 mm (with stretch) main blades – 325 CF Main Blade Zeal Energy Orange – included on the kit. (Optional to purchase the kit with no Main Blade).

-       62 and 68 plastic Tail Blade.

-       6mm Main Shaft – 4mm Spindle – 4mm Tail Shaft.

-       150T Slant Main Gear – Different Pinions Offered, 3.17 and 3.5 mm Motor Shaft.

-       88T Main Tail Pulley and 24T Tail Pulley included on the kit – optional 23T tail.

-       Motors: from 2216 up to 2620 – 1600 / 4000 kv base on battery.

-       ESC: 40 to 60 A.

-       Battery 3 / 4S 2000/2200 (suggested 2200).

-       Battery 6S 1250/1800 (suggested 1350-1500).

-       Servos: Micro Cyclic + Micro or Mini Tail servo.

-       FBL: Micro / Mini to Standard Size.

Approximately 1000g Ready to Fly Weight with good electronics, 2618 motor and 6S/1350 mAh Battery.    

Oxy 4 Kit – Zeal Blade 325 - Contents:

-       1 x Oxy 4 Kit with DFC Head System.

-       1 x Oxy 4 FB Canopy – Orange Yellow Schema.

-       1 x Set ZEAL CF Main Blade 325mm – Carbon – Orange Color. (Possible for Dealers or Distributors to purchase the kits no Main Blade).

-       1 x Set Plastic Tail Blade 62mm, Black.

-       1 x Set Plastic Tail Blade 68mm, Black.

-       1 Motor Pinion 15T – 3.5 mm Motor Shaft.

-       1 x Set Colored Tail Fin Sticker (Yellow – White – Orange).

-       1 x Swash Plate Lever Tools with Zero Pitch function.

1 x Serial Number Card – Registration Serial Number on www.oxyheli.com , every 3 month we will extract a serial number from our registered data base that win a $200 usd coupon to spend in our web site Lynx Heli Innovations www.lynxheli.com